Portrait of Rob Lahoda

Rob Lahoda

Multimedia Producer and Web Designer

Who I Am

For over 15 years I've been telling stories, first through still images and later through video as well. The passion that drives my art is learning someone's story and translating it into a visually compelling presentation.

I love sitting during an interview and asking the questions that get those deeper, more impactful answers that really allow the subject's story to gain another level of depth. It's always amazing to work through the editing process and watch the story come to life. I love to interweave multiple interviews and perspectives together to form a single story flow.

I am fortunate to have been trained first as a photojournalist. This background has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation for getting to the root of the story. This is how I approach all of the work I do. I want to understand my subject and use my photography or video to bring the audience into the middle of the story.


From as early as I can remember, I was taking pictures of the world around me. As a young boy, I was introduced to my father's Pentax camera and my future was set. I knew I wanted to be a photographer. Starting with sports photography in high school I decided that photojournalism was the way to go. I graduated from the Ohio University School of Visual Communication program having being taught by Pulitzer Prize winners, National Geographic photographers and many other incredible experts in the field. Since graduation, I've expanded the work I do, but it still comes back to photography.




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As I grew as a visual storyteller, I experimented with different ways of telling the story. One of these was through creating photo slideshows. As I experimented with different video editing programs to create my slideshows, I decided to try to use those programs to create actual videos. Thus was born my love of video production. While completing my photojournalism degree, I started taking video producion classes so I was able to stick around for 1 more year and earn the video degree on top of my photography degree. Since then I've worked doing a variety of video production, including single-camera narrative, interview-based, sports, live event recording and other projects. I've had lots of fun travelling around the world for projects to help my clients tell their stories the most effectively.

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